Check Payment Systems Association
Mission Statement

 Mission Statement & Strategic Plan


  • The mission of the Check Payment Systems Association is to be the recognized organization providing the leadership, services and programs necessary to advance the paper check and the check payment system.


  • To advance and promote the long-term value and growth of the paper-based payment system.

Strategic Objectives

  • To ensure active participation (in each key segment) from all organizations that benefit from the paper-based payment system in order to strengthen our presence and influence.
  • To actively influence the legislative process with regard to paper-based payment systems.
  • To pro-actively play a strong leadership role in addressing the issues affecting the industry.
  • To support the development and implementation of ways to make the paper-based payment system more secure and cost-effective.
  • To ensure that efficient and cost-effective standards are developed and adopted that balance the best interests of the consumers, processors, manufacturers and users.



Check Payment Systems Association
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